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We are a startup company specializing in packaging and sale of agricultural products. We are headquartered in Tehran and are currently a member of Tehran Chamber of Commerce.Our mission is to cater to customers who are in need of reliable products.We believe that the sale of products is the beginning of our commitment to the customers, and marks the start of a long-term collaboration.
Thank you for choosing us as the supplier of your products.

Iran is a country abounding with unique products. However, finding the best products that are of the highest quality and completely reliable is a time-consuming and, at times, risky process. At Soleyman Pro we are committed to finding and guaranteeing the best quality products from among thousands of products that are of varying qualities.If you are looking for healthy, high-quality agricultural products, we offer you products by Soleyman Pro.
We take pride in having several experienced and skilled experts for each product

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